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Bonjour fellow horse enthusiasts! It is a privilege to be apart of the Fleur À Cheval team. My name is Alyssa Dumblewski, I am 15 years old, and I live in the peaceful countryside of Upstate New York. You can find me more often than not, with my 6 year old Warlander gelding named Samone. We are big into dressage and trick training work. I have taught him to bow, Spanish walk, piaffe, and side pass all from the ground up. That's why we believe in groundwork without any gadgets, and rewarding your pony for even the slightest effort! Please join us on our incredible journey into the many years to come!



Hey! I am Sara Blackwell and I am so excited to be a part of the Fleur À Cheval team! My Andalusian/ paint mare loves her adorable accessories! We currently are showing in Dressage and this past year did amazing in the show ring and can't wait to see where we go! 



Hello all, my name is Sara and I’ve been riding for about ten years and I’m just a happy girl with my two booger ponies Violet and Twinkle in addition to my grumpy lease horse Grant. We mostly show hunter in Chester County as well as Harford Maryland, but sometimes make appearances at Harrisburg and Ludwig’s Corner, both of which have been successful for Violet and I. Though our main interest is hunters, Violet and I have been out cross country, showjumping, and enjoying adventures outside of the ring, galloping through grassy meadows as well as walking in the cool shade of the woods. On the side, I am very interested in photography, video editing, and some photoshop which have all blossomed tremendously this year. All in all, our goal is to spread positivity through the internet and improve the lives of others as well as having fun on our own.