South Africa 





Hi everyone! My name is Kenza, I'm from South Africa and I'm super excited to be working with Fleur À Cheval! I own a warmblood named Lissandro but we just call him Prince. We're both showjumpers who enjoy a bit of dressage & tricks. He is a super character and thinks he's very handsome with Fleur a Cheval in his crazy mane! 



Hi my name is Abby Mcilree! I'm so honoured to be able to work with Fleur Á Cheval! I'm a para rider from South Africa and I've been riding since I was two! At the moment I ride a horse called Pepe. Pepe has helped me so much to get to where I am today and I know he's going to look amazing in Fleur Á Cheval flowers!


Hey everyone! My name is Dylan, I'm 13 and I own a dark bay named Murphy! I'm very exited to be a part of the FAC team! I've always had an obsession for horses and I have been doing riding lessons since I was 8! I've been doing activities with horses for as long as I can remember. I compete in 90cm show jumping and love to do liberty!



Hey everyone! I'm Hannah and this is my horse Captain Crunch. I've been riding for 4+ years now! I'm super excited to be an ambassador for FAC and also super excited for the future!



Hey guys! I'm Amy and this is my horse Boston! He's a 7yr old friesian x and we're from South Africa! We mainly just ride around for fun but we do some dressage as well! Boston is a rescue horse and was previously badly abused so he's terrified of poles therefore, we cant jump but he's getting a lot better! 

Ok that's all, Bye!