Germany Ambassadors

Jana Jonas

Fulda, Germany



Hey there! I’m Jana, a 17-year-old photographer and of course equestrian. My almost-own horse Fuego and I are a team since Valentine’s Day 2014, but I found the right path for both of us more than two years later. Not until then our bond really grew and got stronger. Furthermore my photography began in 2012 and in summer 2016 I started my own business of equine photography.

Christine Wilms




Hey I'm Christine a 13 years old Ambassador. I have a fabulous mare, her name is Voytana. We love to enjoy the freedom and time we have together and being a part of nature. I put her first before anything! 

Carola Hiemer




Hey, my name is Carola, I'm 24 years old and I'm living in Bavaria, Germany.

My hobbies are riding, equine photography and video editing. The beautiful horse

to my side is my Fjordhorse Merlin. We just celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary together!

I love bitless riding and liberty work and try to find my own way to communicate with

horses. I'm proud to be a part of the Fleur à Family and can't wait to show you

the first awesome pictures and clips of my horses wearing  FÀC flowers in their manes!

Anna Weber




Hey y'all! I am Anna and completely thrilled to be a part of the Fleur À Cheval team! I am a proud owner of three very different horses, including my Arabian mare, my mom's Icelandic and my dad's Hanoverian, with which I mainly do liberty and dressage work of all kinds. Next to being a full-time horse girl, I also am a part-time hobby photographer, allowing me to connect with many different amazing horse girls. Therefore, Fleur À Cheval is a great opportunity for me to connect both of my biggest hobbies, and I am honored to decorate many horses with the beautiful mane clips.

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