Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately, we do not. We allow you to build your own set for ultimate customization. If you would like some ideas on how mix & match colors, take a look at our Instagram page for inspiration! 

Where do you ship to?

Due to COVID-19 Fleur À Cheval's shipping destinations are restricted and cannot ship to only the following countries: Bolivia, Chad, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa & Turkmenistan. 

How do the flowers stay in?

Fleur À Cheval's flower clips are specially made to accommodate your horse's mane or tail. The clips have an embedded grip to lock onto the hair. As we all know, horses constantly use their tail to swat flies, & our flowers always stay in! Check out our Instagram page to see some horses running around the paddock with our flowers!


Are you on social media?

Yes! Please visit our contact page.

Can humans & other animals wear your flowers?

Absolutely! We have some customers who buy flowers to decorate their own hair & even their dogs, cats & bunnies!

Are the flowers sold individually?

Yes, flowers are sold individually not in sets. The cost per flower varies on the type, size, color, and bud.

How much are the flowers?

They range in price depending on the color, bud, and type of product. Visit our products page for more!