"Our entire mission is to empower equestrians all over the world to express their inner creativity by decorating their horses from head to hoof."


FÀC Founder


Maryam R. Edah-Tally 

Owner / Founder


Visit www.maryamedahtally.com to learn more.

Fleur À Cheval Co-Founders, Maryam Edah-Tally and Kayla Cabanting, both have a strong passion for horses.  Maryam, a former competitive figure skater used horse therapy as a way to relax after skating competitions. Kayla has been raised around horses and is a competitive vaulter, competing nationally. 


With Kayla's first flower prototype, Maryam's entrepreneurial mindset, and a pair of adorable horse models, the two equestrians put their heads together and formed Fleur À Cheval, a French name translating to "The Flower Horse." Maryam's vision was to create a brand that would allow girls who never fell out of the "I love horses phase" to express their inner creativity by decorating their horse with flowers. As Maryam says, 'Fleur À Cheval is glam from head to hoof."


Fleur À Cheval began on Etsy in March 2016, two months into the startup the flowers began a hit in Europe and was eventually worn on Norway's most famous horse, Batman the Friesian


Kayla aided in the foundation of the business, Maryam grew the business internationally with over 50+ Brand Ambassadors (called Fleur À Family) in countries including Dubai, Norway, South Africa, USA and UK. 


Maryam lives her life as an entrepreneur, equestrian and teenager with her horse Aries. She actively runs Fleur À Cheval on 3 important principles: work hard, be efficient, and have a lot of fun while doing it. The entire team's collaborative effort as well as Maryam's vision earned Fleur À Cheval the 2017 Ernst & Young Teen Entrepreneur Of the Year Award. Click here to watch the video. 

Work hard, play harder. Rewards will come!

Kayla B. Cabanting 


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